Make a better web

  1. MUSTCustomer: BPCE

    Years: 2008-2009

    Technologies: Flash, PHP, WordPress, Smarty

    Description: Professional social network with many tools, as picture-videos sharing or comics maker.

  2. TGVCustomer: SNCF

    Year: 2007

    Technologies: Flash, PHP, Savant, HTML WAI

    Description: Website of “Hight Speed French Train”, in 2 versions (Full-flash and HTML with WAI norm). The website contains informations about train services, and some video and good advice of some destinations.

  3. AMELI

    Year: 2006

    Technologies: PHP, Typo3

    Description: Website of french health insurance, with versioning tools, and publication workflow on 5 steps.

  4. LeGuideBDClient: Dargaud

    Year: 2005

    Technologies: Flash, PHP

    Description: Comics website searching tools, with categorized themes.

  5. Paris Developpement

    Year: 2004

    Technologies: PHP, Typo3

    Description: Website of Paris Developpement french agency, with private part for subscriber, and differents tools like a newsletter maker.