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Today I will talk about a book that I highly recommend for PHP developers who want to improve the way they work. Some things should not (hopefully) be unknown to you, but asimple reminder does not hurt.
For information, it is by reading this book that I got the idea to create a wiki for webmasters, as the book refers to tools that have evolved, and others have appeared. Hence the interest to have an up to date, in the form of a wiki.

This book, published by Packt, is labeled Expert PHP5 Tools, written by Dirk Merkel. As thename suggests, Dirk describes the tools to be used in PHP development.

I’m not going to copy / paste all chapters name, but generally, they are tools that all developers must use today. I still can not understand how some developers can work with notepad for object language, or without versioning tools like SVN or GIT.

Here, no development board (actually, a bit, talking about  PHP_CodeSniffer), just toolslike eclipse and phpDocumentor, with their quality and their settings.

This is a book that I recommend to everyone, it reads quickly. For project managers, this is the kind of gift to give your developers 😉

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