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New website graphics

New website, new grafics. From given elements, Shalama agency has conducted a major overhaul of the theme, with maintaining the colors of the compagny. HTML5 technology, although still in “draft” version by W3C, get the littre “+”. Some new pages will coming soon.

I would also expose you to the future of this topic. There are many on the web technical blogs, sharing their discoveries. Some are excellent, some are “hollow” or worse, a vulgar copy / paste. No, here, our desire is to write an article a week, oriented technical / council to subsequently enhance the knowledge base around a wiki. Because to our surprise, there is no wikipedia for webmasters.

Here is our point of view: a blog, the articles are written on a given day, on D +1, there is a new section (depending on the frequency of publication). Search engines allow us to access these items, except that the results are not necessarily the most appropriate: one can find an article older than one year and one year, it is huge in Internet technologies.
A wiki (Reference) by cons, offers a single entry point, with articles updated by users / webmasters.

In the future, instead of going through your favorite search engine to 4 colors, you go first on this wiki to find answers. If the answer is missing, you could, why not, add it later.

Such is our will. No ownership of content, our motto seems clear enough: “Make a better web”. Let’s do it together!

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