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Where Facebook has succeeded

No, I’m not talking about the Nasdaq entrance, which is rather seen as a failure on the part of speculators, but the standard that Facebook has managed to put in place, let alone the “poke” which mysteriously disappeared from the circulation.

Do you know OpenID? Not? Not surprising. Initiated in 2007, this service was to standardize the registration of sites. Exit registration forms where one enters the same thing, it was enough to create an OpenID account, and now you should be  able to connect automatically on other sites, without having to register and authenticate each time.

Yes, but no because it is obviously necessary that the sites provide OpenID authentication, and this is where the problem would come in part: few sites have adopted this standard (I speak well of standard OpenID is an association non-profit), so few Internet users have heard of this service. Add to that an authorization somewhat wacky (you have to allow that site to use OpenID) and that is how a good idea does not work.

Today, a universal authentication service has become THE standard, namely Facebook. On all recent sites, the registration form has to connect with your Facebook account.

Here’s how to make internet-dependent famous social network … and it’s just the beginning.


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